David Nadel



David received his Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) degree from Montana State University Graduate School in Bozeman. David's undergraduate degree was received in New York at SUNY College where he worked and lived for many years before turning west in search of balance, wellness and an authentic connection to life. For over a decade, David has worked and resided in the Flathead Valley and has spent much of that time with an emphasis on cultivating positive change and growth in others.  David has years of experience in the addiction field professionally and has found a passion in helping unburden others from the weights and confines of substance abuse. David has worked at wilderness treatment programs, chemical dependent treatment facilities and therapeutic boarding schools while maintaining many different roles including recovery coach, recovery program specialist, substance abuse case manager and as a Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Addiction is one of the greatest social problems of our time and impacts everyone in some manner. Emotional and physical scarring, despair, heartbreak, powerlessness and family discord are often some of the common byproducts addiction leaves in its wake. The path towards wellness, recovery and resiliency can be a lonely experience and with the proper support it can be a journey deep-seated in connectedness and expansiveness. restoring a whole authentic self.

One of David’s core beliefs in his approach to recovery is rooted in the meaning of the word recover. To recover is a reclamation or recapturing of something that has been lost in the first place. Recovery from addiction is the recovery of one's identity that is not bound to a substance, however to truths, goals and hopes that reconcile a new sense of self.

When David is not working he enjoys spending his time adventuring with his wife and daughter in the mountains, woods and rivers that surround the Flathead Valley. In summer months David also can be found on anything with two wheels and is human powered and as winter sets in he trades wheels for skis in the pursuit of connecting with nature.

Let's start together.